Fayetteville Packing Services

Boxing up your items so you don’t have to.

Whether you are packing up for a move or just to put items in storage, the process of getting everything organized and into boxes is never fun. Luckily, you don’t have to do it yourself. Legacy Transit Lines offers professional packing services to Fayetteville residents and businesses.

You can let us handle just the packing or the entire moving and storage process – you decide!


Why You Should Outsource Packing

Professionals Are More Efficient

Even if this isn’t your first time packing up a household or business, unless you have professional experience, you’ll never be as efficient as the pros. Our team understands all the nuances of packing, from how to properly distribute weight within boxes to building crates for specialty items. And they work quickly, getting the job done so you can move on to the next step.

Professional Packers Have Professional Products

Depending on what you need to move or store, Rubbermaid containers or basic cardboard boxes might get the job done. However, in most cases, you will want cheaper options than plastic bins and more durable ones than hardware store boxes. We can source all the containers you need and even build crates, depending on the items.

Professionals Save You Time

Packing is a long and often arduous process. Doing it yourself could take hours out of every day for several weeks or more. When you turn to professionals, all your packing can be done in as little as a single day, all without you needing to change your schedule or lift a finger.

What to Expect From a Professional Packing Service

Your Fayetteville packing service is fully customized to your needs, and this means that what you should expect will vary. In most cases, our professional packing service is tied into other assistance we offer, such as moving or self-storage. However, if you only need help getting things packed up, here is what you can expect.

Several days or weeks before you need your items packed up, a representative will come to your home or business and complete an inventory of all the items you need to have packed. They will determine what types of boxes, crates, and other packing materials are needed, then create a quote covering these costs as well as that of the labor. 

Once we have your approval, we source the materials you need and build crates for specialty items. We only work with industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring your items are secure, whether they are being stored long or short term.

Depending on how much needs to be packed up, we will arrive one to two days before your items need to be moved to start packing. Items will be grouped according to room and clearly labeled. All boxes will have their weight evenly distributed to ensure they are easy to move and unpack.

Do you need help packing up your items for a move or to put in self-storage? Let our Fayetteville packing service help. For a quote or to schedule service, call Legacy Transit Lines at 800-203-7176.