Fayetteville Crating & Specialty Services

Protecting your precious items during the move.

Special items require special treatment—particularly when it comes to moving or storage. From priceless heirlooms to art pieces that are genuine investments, plastic boxes from the local hardware store just won’t do. 

Legacy Transit Lines offers Fayetteville crating and specialty packing services, ensuring all your valuable items are given the care they need. From temperature-controlled trucks to custom-built crates, we offer the assistance you need.




What Specialty Moving Is

Specialty moving is a catch-all term for any items that are unique, high-value, or pose some sort of challenge when moving and require a tailored approach to packing and transporting them. Some examples of items that require crating or specialty moving services include:

What to Expect From Specialty Moving

Crating and specialty moving are bespoke services fully tailored to your needs and expectations. With these moving services, we take a white-glove approach, ensuring everything is handled with the utmost care. Here is what you should expect from your service.

An In-Depth Assessment

Before we get to work, we will come to your home or business to carefully assess all your items that need a special approach. You are welcome to make a list in advance of all your belongings in need of specialty moving or we can inventory your property ourselves.

Once we know what the items are and their unique challenges, we design the packaging solutions that best meet their needs.

Careful Packing and Loading

On moving day, your specialty movers will arrive at your home or business with your custom crates and other packaging solutions. They will then work as a team to carefully secure and package your items before moving them to the truck. There, the crates and other packages will be tied down to prevent damage and the temperature and humidity controlled as needed. 

White-Glove Unloading and Unpacking

Once at your new location, your movers will carefully unload your property from the truck and move it into the room where it belongs. Once there, they will unpackage it and place it where you want it to be, ensuring nothing is damaged and removing all packing materials from your property when done.

Do you need help preparing and transporting your delicate items? Let our Fayetteville crating and specialty packing service help. For a quote or to schedule service, call Legacy Transit Lines at 800-203-7176.