Fayetteville Commercial Moving

Safely getting your business from one location to the next.

Moving your business to a new location is exciting. But it’s also stressful. The last thing you want is to complicate matters by injuring yourself, employees, or property by going DIY.

Legacy Transit Lines is a full-service Fayetteville commercial moving company. We understand the nuances of safely transporting products and equipment, and we are confident we can get everything from Point A to Point B without incident. Let us pack, load, move, unload, and unpack all the items for your relocation.


Key Benefits of Hiring Full-Service Movers

They Understand Commercial Packing Techniques

You cannot pack commercial products and equipment the same way you would household items. From weight limits to proper grouping to creating customized crates for adequate protection, there is a lot that makes packing for a commercial move unique.

They Have Access to the Right Packing Materials

When moving locations, your business cannot rely on standard cardboard boxes from the local hardware store. You need industrial-strength options, customized crates, and other unique solutions. We can easily source or create all the packing materials needed for your move.

They Let You Focus on Other Matters

Moving your business means juggling a lot of tasks. From updating your marketing to ensuring the interior of your space is ready to go, you have enough to take care of. When you let us handle moving from start to finish, you are able to give your all to everything else.

Professional Fayettevile movers

They Keep Your Employees Safe

While your employees are no doubt hardworking people, packing up and moving your business is unlikely to be part of their job description. Rather than risking injury due to a lack of moving knowledge, let our professional team get the job done.

What to Expect from a Commercial Move

A Legacy Transit Lines representative will meet you at your place of business to assess your packing needs. They will catalog all your large items and take inventory of the smaller ones, then determine exactly how many boxes and crates are needed and what dimensions. With this, they will also figure out how many trucks and what types of trucks will be required for the move.

Based on the previous visit, we will determine how many days are needed to properly pack up your business. Then, we show up well enough in advance to get the job done. Our movers arrive with all the boxes and crates needed to transport all items safely. We can also disassemble furniture and certain types of equipment. All items will be labeled to make it easier to unload and unpack. 

Your moving team will arrive at your business at the agreed-upon time. They will carefully carry out all items and get them loaded and secured on the trucks. Before we drive away, our moving technicians ensure that everything is properly strapped in and balanced for a safe journey.

Upon arrival at your new location, everything is unloaded, unpacked, and reassembled. Depending on how large of a move yours is, this could take more than one day. Before we leave, we complete a walkthrough with you or a supervisor, ensuring that everything meets or exceeds your expectations.

Do you need to relocate your business? Make the process as easy as possible with help from Legacy Transit Lines. To get a quote or schedule your Fayetteville moving service, call us at 800-203-7176