Long-Distance Moving Do’s and Don’ts

Long-distance moving can be harder and riskier than a regular moving process. During a long-distance move, your belongings are more exposed to potential damage due to the relocation distance. Still, you should know some important tips to reduce the risk of your belongings during the process.

Packing and Moving Supplies

Stocking up with packing materials before starting the packing process is a great way to start. Having all the needed supplies with you will ensure a fast and efficient packing.

Break Down Big Items

If you are moving big items, deconstructing your belongings is the best way to maximize space in your moving vehicle or portable container. Ensure to know how to build it back and secure every piece of the item during the process. Also, label the parts to remember how to put them all together.

Wrap Your Items

Using wrapping paper or newspaper to wrap fragile items is a great way to protect and prevent any damage to your belongings during the moving process. Remember that during the moving process, there is a lot of movement. 

No Empty Space

Avoid leaving an empty room in the container or moving vehicle: the more room your stuff has to move around, the more damage can be caused to all your items. Reduce empty spaces by filling them with paper or clothes.

Sturdy Packing Box

Packing most of your things in a sturdy moving box provides a safer place than even a strong cardboard box. Also, these plastic bins are easier to stack and can help you maximize the space of your moving container.

Get Help From the Best Movers in Arkansas

Asking friends and family members for help can be very helpful during a moving process. Still, hiring professional Arkansas long-distance movers is a more safe and effective way to relocate your belongings in your new property. 

At Legacy Transit Lines, we are a professional and reliable company ready to take care of your belongings from start to finish. We offer a full slate of moving services to adjust to your moving needs. Contact us to get a free estimate on your next moving project.


Response to the Covid-19 virus

**Important Notice**

Dear Valued Customers,

Legacy Transit Lines continues to operate normally as we adapt to the changes we are experiencing daily. We will keep our customers informed if we, as a business, make any changes to our routine.

As our team at Legacy Transit Lines monitor the updates, we are choosing to work with and follow guidance from the authorities.

We want to do our part in minimizing the impact and spread of the Covid-19 virus to other businesses and communities we serve. This is our approach.


For our smaller moves, we are taking pertinent information over the phone. We ask our customers to be as prepared as they can be when calling for an estimate. We always strive to be thorough in providing estimates for our customers, this will not change however it may present challenges. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Team Member check in:

Each of our team members are following our instruction of notifying us if they or a family member is experiencing symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. They will only be allowed to return to work after being cleared by medical professionals.

Wellness Checks:

Approximately two days before your scheduled move, someone from our office will contact you via telephone to perform a wellness check.

Trucks and equipment:

All high touch surfaces are cleaned before and after each job, this incudes door handles and steering wheels.

Social Distancing:

Upon arrival at our customer’s homes or offices, our team is practicing the 6 foot social distancing between team members and customer, when possible. There may be occasions when this is not possible due to the nature of your belongings and home.

We have always practiced professionalism and respect by using an introductory handshake. However, during the Covid-19 period, for safety purposes, we will not use handshakes.

We will ask customers to allow for increased air circulation by opening windows and doorways, when possible.

As always, our customer’s health and safety is our primary concern. We will continue to practice WHO (World Health Organization), local, and federal guidelines to avoid exposure and spread of the Covid-19 virus.

We want to thank you again for your patience while we navigate these new challenges. If you would like additional information, please contact us at: 479-871-1868 or info@legacytransitlines.com. Our office hours are 8am CT to 5pm CT, Monday through Saturday, and 9am CT to 1pm CT, Sunday.


Mario & Tammy Cunningham


The Legacy Transit Lines Team